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This pedigree is out of this world. Extreme Zi is one of the most famous English Bulldog in the world. He has perfect structure and amazing temperament and he’s a very rare purple lilac too. Laila Ali, are OEB and has produced many famous show dogs that goes back to Joyful Acre’s Morpheus of Hog House, back to CH Teresi Dottie May. Trinity is 14 inches short and 45 pounds. She has a wonderful Blue Tri Coat with perfect confirmation, very athletic and excellent breathing dog. Thanks for Charles over at McMillan’s for this fantastic OEB. She will produce exquisite rare colors.A triple carrier of the blue tri / black tri / cholotae tri allows for producing lilac color one of the most sought after puppies in the Bulldog world.



RB's Lilac Passion Extreme z

Grand Father

RB's Choco-Blu Dreams Treasure Chest


Grand Mother

RB's Choco Sensation Scrunch N Munch


Trinity - McMillan's Blu Trillion

Grand Father

Pacific Blues' Gorilla


Grand Mother

McMillians' Shilo of Joyful Acres





McMillan's Laila Ali

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