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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for visiting Blackhorse Bulldogs.  

We appreciate your interest in our OLDE ENGLISH BULLDOGGES. 


Here at Blackhorse Bulldogges we receive daily requests concerning our Olde English Bulldogges.  To assist you in answering these questions here are some questions that we receive frequently.  If your question is not listed here please done hesitate to call 352 281- 6831 or e-mail anytime WE are always happy to make sure you feel comfortable about one our our pups!!


What type of dog do you breed?

Blackhorse bulldogs shows, breeds and trains Olde English Bulldogges.  We are a small kennel that make sure health and temperament  is the highest priority.


Where is Blackhorse bulldogs located?  

We are located in beautiful  Ocala, Florida, the heart of the horse capital of the world, in the middle of the state, North Central Florida, Approx.  1 and a half hour from the Orlando airport. We are happy to delivery your puppy free of charge within a half hour from my home.  And charge $ 100.00 within an hour from my home.


How can I learn more about the Olde English Bulldoges?

We are always happy to share our years of  knowledge about the bred and if we can’t answer your question will  find someone who will.  Another great source of information about this breed  is the registration  they  are registered with  I.O.E.B.A. and the United Canine Association


How do I put a deposit down on a puppy?

Its simple!  You can give us a call so that we can discuss the details of your puppy that you’re interested  our puppy warranty, and our terms of purchase. We can be reached at 352 281-6831 or licckr


Blackhorse Bulldogges accepts deposits up to the time the puppy is 6 weeks old after 6 weeks of age we required the payment in full.  This deposit is$ 500.00 to hold your puppy. All deposits are non- refundable so please think before your put a deposit down.  It is however, transferable to another puppy of litter in the future. We understand that things can happen and might prevent you from being able to pay for the puppy in full at 6 weeks, so please contact us if your situation changes to transfer to another litter.  There is no refunds of any kind for any reason.  Deposits can be made via paypal  personal check and money orders and bank transfer. All checks and money orders must clear before the puppy leaves my home or shipped. 


Is my puppy show or breeding quality?

We only breed and show the best quality from the best stock out in the world.. We spent countless hours doing lots of research in selecting  , breeding and showing  all of our dogs and make sure the health, confirmation and temperament is the highest priority   It is form to function.  This breed of dog was meant to be a working dog and should be very athletic mentally sound and have extreme patients to make him a very suitable pet and companion for years to come. . All puppies are sold as pet homes only.  If we feel there is an exceptional puppy that we  would want to be bred in the future, please call ahead to discuss a breeding quality pup for future plans.  It is hard to determine this until the puppy is at least 8 weeks and and even then it is still hard to determine.  We do not guarantee a breeding dog or show quality dog .  Or until otherwise specified. 


How do we ship your puppy and what is the cost?

We have shipped many dogs over the years all over the United States.  We ship ground transportation or by air whichever is most expedient for the pup.    In some cases we cannot or will not ship, depending on your location and situation.  We use experienced shipper that we have found to do a very good job of taking excellent care of your pup.  If your pup is shipped by ground you may have to meet him a the closest interstate or your pup may be delivered right to your door, each is a case by case situation.    We have several airlines that can be used to ship your puppy to the nearest airport in your city. There is a flat rate for the airline ticket based on the location and can be shipped within a day’s notice. Ground shippng is also available.  This includes the crate and the vet check that must be done before they leave our home.


Please note that the balance of your pup is due by ( 6 )weeks of age .  The reason for this is so we can make shipping arrangements and have no delays in shipping your pup to you.   If for some reason this is a problem, please call and make other arrangements on the balance.   You pup will not be shipped until the balance is paid in full.   If you have any questions about any shipping please don’t hesitate in call us about this   325 281-6831 any time. 


Is there ever a discount for our pups?

Yes, we do offer a discount for military and repeat customers so please inquirer about those.  In general quality is not cheap; you get what you pay for.   We have put lots of time and tears into selecting the right dogs for our home and breeding program.  We understand that purchasing a pup from us is a big investment for your family; we appreciate your business and will not take it for granted.  We want to make you happy if whatever way possible.  

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