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Sunshine Bulls Million Breeding


Imported from Rio de Janeiro  Brazil, Sunshine Bulls’ Million is a BIG boned beefy girl that just makes you sure want to look at Her!(Sunshine Bulls Cash X Sunshine Bulls Isabella
78 pounds 16 and half in tall and imported from Brazil. She is Lillac and  white and has a massive head for a female oeb! She brings much appreciation from the very famous old school line Bullforce line to help improve size, Correct hips eyes elbows and also super elegant Movement.  Can’t wait to see these pups.





Sunshine Bulls Cash

Grand Father

BullForce Blue Euro

Grand Mother

TayDoggyBulls Sunshine


Sunshine Bulls Million
Mill and pup.jpg


Sunshine Bulls Isabella II

Grand Father

Bullforce Darth Vader


Grand Mother

Sunshine Bulls Libra

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