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Board and Train Programs

Our clients choose Black Horse Bulldogs for the best quality dogs and highest standard of breeding in the world. We take responsible breeding practices to a new level with Bulldog specific board and train programs. Our commitment to provide advice and assistance in raising puppies to become happy, healthy, and obedient dogs is taken to a new level with breed specific programs.

Overnight Boarding 

We all have times when our schedules or commitments take us away from home. What better place to trust your fur-babies than with our Bulldog pack.


We offer overnight boarding facilities for our clients. Bulldogs are a unique breed and not all facilities are prepared to deal with strong personalities or willing to provide supervised socialization and the loving companionship your dog is used to.

Bring your dog, food and favorite toys.

Pricing start at $30 per night.  

Additional dogs, meals, and extended stay packages available.


See our Training Packages for Quick-Start and Boot Camp obedience.

Black Horse Quick-Start Program

Exclusively for our breeding program to get your new puppy started on a solid foundation. Designed to help you get through the new puppy stage. This twelve to fourteen day board and train program helps establish the good housekeeping rules.

Programs can include: house breaking, basic obedience, socialization, leash and recall and owner handling.

Packages start at $35 per day with a 10 day minimum. 

We will customize a program that works best for your unique needs, with add-ins for your preferences.


Longer programs available to get past the baby stage and midnight potty calls up to 6 mo. Call for pricing.

Boot Camp Board and Train

For puppies over 4 months we offer an onsite weekly training curriculum tailored to your specific needs. Basic obedience and owner handling training

Call for pricing.

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